I rediscovered Magic the summer before my senior year of college after buying a couple of intro decks on a whim. My cousin played the game growing up, but given the physical distance between us, we had to rely instead on EverQuest to socialize and hunt dragons together.

The first pack I opened had a Thragtusk inside. After playing one match with a janky Delver deck on my roommate's apartment floor, however, green beasts would henceforth take a back seat to blue-red spells. I was hooked. A year later, I started creating videos under the monicker TheMagicManSam.

The game has always been a source of creativity and community for me. I like studying card art. I like playing EDH over coffee and snacks with friends. I like chatting on Twitter about unsung Commander heroes and the aesthetics of fantasy games. My allegiance belongs to Grixis, and my bank account belongs to the Legendary Creature subtype.


Outside of Magic, I'm an avid runner, a PhD student of Italian Studies, and a university instructor. I play prog rock on guitar and draw with ink pens. Iced coffee is my vice; it gets me through the long edits. 

Thanks for watching my videos. Cheers.